We are a computer services company from Estonia, who has been working trough internet around the europe for decades. We offer a high quality hand drafting AutoCAD services.


  HAND being the key word, because with automatic vectorization you won't get lines like dash-dot-lines and the dimensions in the drawing won't be in scale.

  HAND vectorized drawings will be usable right away by architects, engineers and they cant do it so cheap by themselves.

1) redrawing old drawings
2) changing drawings according to need.

     Before After
sample1 before sample1 after
Download sample (9.2 Mb)

You can choose:

 a) your own layers
 b) ISO standard layers
 c) company specific layering
 d) our own custom layering
 e) what needs to be drawn - you can leave out all the things you dont need (text, dimensions, furniture, hatch and so on)
 f) add needed items to drawing
 g) make changes to drawing
 h) ask for specific blocks, scales
i) ask full polyline drawings for item productions
 j) beautiful drawings from sketches
Before After
sample1 before sample1 after
Download sample (6.3 Mb)

The price is 12.80€ per hour

How it works:
 1) get an order from your customer
 2) you send your file(inquiry) for evaluation to us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 3) you will get a price and a deliver time from us
 4) add your own profit to it and wait for confirmation from your customer
 5) send confirmation to us and wait for the delivery date


Positive things for you:
 a) no labour taxes
 b) good quality autocad dwg file
 c) fast and cheap
 d) possible rebate for larger orders
 e) profit for minimum amount of work