Projet 5500X

3D Systems’ ProJet® 5500X uses proven MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology to build the highest quality, most accurate and toughest multi-material parts available. Print finely detailed parts with varying degrees of flexibility, material transparency and color (black, white, or select shades of grey), all from one 3D printer.

The ProJet 5500X features the fastest print speeds, a large build volume, and the most convenient print-to-part process, so it’s easier to create parts with engineered plastic or rubber properties.

Using the new VisiJet® Composite materials, the ProJet 5500X offers hundreds of material variations in a single print to precisely match your specifications. With so many options, the ProJet 5500X is perfect for a variety of applications, including overmolded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, long-lasting living hinges and high-temperature testing.


ProJet-5500X-angle-hires visijet-5500x-composite-clear 0 projet-5500x-composite-camera 0 projet-5500x-cf-bk-bend

3D Printing Process: MJP video

3D Systems Projet 5500X video

Materials: VisiJet® CR-WT Rigid White ABS-like Material,
VisiJet® CR-CL Clear Polycarbonate-like Material, VisiJet® CF-BK Black Rubber-like Material

Technical specifications:  projet-5500x-1113-usen-web.pdf