Projet 5000

Featuring the largest build size in 3D Systems’ line of high-definition MultiJet 3D printers, the ProJet® 5000 professional printer is designed to deliver maximum productivity and absolute design freedom in the factory or office. A unique combination of size, precision and ease-of-use makes the ProJet 5000 ideal for consistent, high-resolution parts of all sizes. This high-throughput workhorse can even print two times faster using the high-speed mode. Choose from 3D Systems’ line of VisiJet® M5 plastic materials, which includes high-elongation, durable plastic; high-strength PP-like black plastic; or stiff, brilliant white plastic with high-temperature resistance. Whatever your material choice, the ProJet 5000 has the unique ability to produce large or small injection molded-like plastic parts with superior feature quality and detail.


 ProJet5000-overview 2166 VisiJet M5-X large part  2166 VisiJet M5-Black watch detail 

3D Printing Process: MJP video

3D Systems Projet 5000 video

Materials: VisiJet® M5 Black, VisiJet® M5 MX, VisiJet® M5-X

Technical specifications:  projet-5000-a4-uk.pdf