Teriostar 2050
Teriostar 2050

Compact, High-Speed B&W & Color LED Copier & Plotter

  LP-2050 boasts a new print engine and scanner that enables print speed of 9.0 A1-size prints per minute and scanning speed of up to 240 mm per second for both color and black & white. LP-2050 has 2-stage 4-roll feed mechanism with 2 output slots – deliver small prints to tray and large prints to outlet slot.

   The Teriostar LP-2050 offers the industry’s only userreplaceable process cartridge and charge wire. That means product owners can change the entire process cartridge/drum and charge wire at any time.

   OKI Data Infotech Teriostar printers and copiers have a well-deserved reputation as the most reliable LED printer in the AEC and CAD industry. Unique design, quality components and rigorous quality assurance make every Teriostar a superb investment for almost any business.


Teriostar LP1030 LP2050 Printers video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBgk7njVaxE

Technical specifications:  TS2050_web.pdf