RTI Vortex 850R
reprographic RTI vortex

Vortex™ 850R printer

  The Vortex™ 850R is a continuous digital color printer that prints labels screaming fast Powered by Memjet® technology, the Vortex™ 850R enables you to print labels on demand with the industry’s best combination of speed and resolution for beautiful full-color prints.

    With an integrated touch-screen PC, you can simply add, edit or change you print jobs at any time for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Print labels as small as 2” and as large as 8.5”, and print them at either 1600 × 1600 or 1600 × 800 dpi.

    The Vortex™ 850R can be run as a stand-alone in-house label printer, or can be integrated into industrial print and apply applications.


RTI Vortex 850R printer video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MggYITDEiBI

Vortex 850R broshure:  Vortex_850R.pdf